Psngr - v3.0 for Android is live!

That's right Psngr v3.0 for Android is now available for download from the Google Play store - just in time for the festive break! The »

6 automotive acronyms you should get to know!

Much of the news these days either involves carbon emissions, electric vehicles, Trump, fossil fuels or, all of the above. With all the buzz around electric »

Your Monthly Mileage Report

In Psngr 3.1 we've introduced Mileage Reports. Mileage reports are generated automatically based on criteria you define in advance and include a list of all »

New feature - Manual Trip Logging!

It's been a busy period for the team at Psngr. We have been working on new features that have been suggested to us by our community. »

3 ways to understand your Product-Market Fit!

So you have a business idea and you want to turn it into a product or service, that's great. Before you race off and spend a »

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

What is it? Blockchain: Best described as a digital platform for recording and verifying transactions so that other people can’t erase them later. The blockchain »

Remote, or not remote, that is the question

Remote working or "working from home" has been around for decades. One of the largest technology companies in the world (IBM) were a major part of »

6 deductible travel expenses!

1.Meals: Most companies will expense the whole bill providing it's a reasonable amount, and you haven't been out to The Ritz for High Tea. It's »

5 Safeguards to Prevent Mileage Expense Fraud

$40,000. That's the median loss for a company per single expense reimbursement fraud case. According to the 2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud »

Psngr - feature update!

Behind the scenes, the Psngr team have been working hard to make improvements to the platform. Check out some of the new features below. Expensed vs »