6 deductible travel expenses!

6 deductible travel expenses!
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1.Meals: Most companies will expense the whole bill providing it's a reasonable amount, and you haven't been out to The Ritz for High Tea. It's worth checking the company policy as some companies will only refund 50% of the bill.

2.Laundry: Laundry can be claimed, again it's within reason. Having a shirt dry cleaned won't break the bank but don't take your full wardrobe with you - I would expect your boss to decline the expense.

3.Calls and Internet:  These days most companies provide staff with a business phone, however, if you need to use your own device make a note of business calls, these can be claimed as part of your expenses. The same applies to the use of internet if it needs to be pre-paid, for example, hotel or airport use.

4.Tips:  Tips in certain countries are customary.  These can be claimed as theyse account for the total bill, remember to request proof of the tip receipt so that you can process the full claim.

5.Vehicle:  Vehicle mileage is not the only expense you can claim for these days, some organisations will also allow you to claim for 'necessary' items such as oil top up or coolant fluid.

6.Baggage:  Extra luggage that needs to be taken as part of your work role can be expensed.  It's worth doing your research as costs for extra luggage can be high.

With all expenses, you should first check with your employer and read the company policy.

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