What's new in Psngr for Android v4.5

The latest release of Psngr for Android (4.5) features a new configuration assistant for automatic trip logging, improved address search, new Psngr Beacon integration and a slew of UX improvements.

What's new in Psngr for Android v4.5
Photo by Pathum Danthanarayana / Unsplash

Simplified Onboarding

In this release we have simplified the signup user experience, redesigned the initial signup page and removed unnecessary steps from the onboarding flow. This allows a new user to start using the app almost immediately, while deferring additional setup steps to later in the user journey.

The tutorial of the app has also been redesigned, accommodating for different devices and screen sizes. Last but not least - we've fixed the application tab bar UI in night mode.

AutoPilot Configuration Assistant

A new configuration assistant will now help you configure Android Settings in order to allow Psngr app to log your trips reliably. The configuration assistant will appear if and when any issues are detected in trip logging. For example, if the app is unable to run in the background, or location permissions are not set properly. You can access the configuration assistant manually via Settings > Tracking.

Search Recent Addresses

A new feature in Psngr Android 4.5 is searching for addreses. The search functionality has been overhauled, returning results from your recently used address list as well as new addresses. Try it out when logging a new trip or a trip completed in the past.

Trip Logging Improvements

The integration of the app with Psngr Beacon has been significantly improved. We've overhauled the initial setup of a new beacon, including scanning and pairing with the beacon device. In addition, we've added support for the latest version of Psngr Beacon, which runs on ARM nRF51822 chipset, offers better encryption and a greater Tx power range.

Better User Experience

Other changes in this release include critical bug fixes, including an issue which caused the app to hang during manual trip check-out, and the ability to log a trip completed in the past without access to your current location. We've also improved the localisation across several languages, clarified error messages and added a few FAQ entries to our Help page.

Download the latest version of Psngr for Android.