Using Psngr app on Multiple Devices

This post is intended to clarify how Psngr mileage logging works when you install the app on multiple mobile devices, with a single user account.

Using Psngr app on Multiple Devices
Photo by Daniel Romero / Unsplash

As a mileage tracker for iOS & Android, Psngr uses your device's location to log your trips. The trips are logged to your cloud Psngr account, which is uniquely identified by your email address. This post is intended to clarify how Psngr app works when installed and used with a single user account on multiple mobile devices.

Does Psngr app run on iWatch or iPad?

Psngr app is designed to run on mobile phones, and does not support other mobile device types, such as iWatch or iPad. While you may technically be able to install the app on such devices, the app's usability will be sub-optimal and its functionality will be restricted.

Can I install Psngr app on multiple devices?

Technically, you can do that. However, if you sign in to the same Psngr account on each device, only a single application instance will be able to actively log a trip at any given time. Each mobile device has its own GPS hardware and the app on each device records location data separately from other app instances. In order to prevent multiple GPS sources from updating the same trip, at the same time, Psngr platform enforces a "single app per user" policy when it comes to trip logging. This policy is crucial for keeping the data integrity of your mileage logbook intact, and for ensuring that trips are logged correctly.

Starting in version 4.7, Psngr app automatically detects which application instance has started - and can therefore update - the active trip. If you attempt to modify the actively recorded trip from another application instance, the app will display an alert. as seen in the screenshot below. If you want to end or modify the active trip, you must do so from your main device.

Can I manually add a trip from a second device?

Yes. If you are logged in to the same Psngr account from two devices, you can manually log trips (i.e. past trips) from both devices, as long as trips do not overlap in time.

However, trying to log a trip in the past will fail if the start or end time of the trip overlaps with another trip already logged in your account. For example, if you are trying to add a trip that you made two days ago from 14:30 to 14:50, but you already have another trip logged on the same day that starts at 14:45, there will be a 5 minute overlap between the trips. Trying to add the new trip will fail in this case, with the following error:

Validations: you already have a trip logged at this date/time.

To resolve this, simply choose a departure time for the new trip that avoids any time overlap with another trip.