Psngr Mileage Tracker

Psngr Mileage Tracker

Psngr is your personal mileage tracker. Previously known as "Passenger", we've dropped the vowels and aligned the brand name across our mobile and web products.

Psngr is produced by psngr BV. The BV stands for Besloten Vennootschap, that's Dutch for Inc. or LLC. We're registered in the Netherlands and, being Dutch, Psngr is thrifty. Its sole purpose in life is to log those mileage expenses and save you money - and time.

So yeah, we've dropped the vowels, but we aren't stopping there. We're dropping tons of minor features, noise and distraction from the mobile app and website as I write this post, just so that Psngr can focus on the ONE THING it does best: tracking mileage.

Install Psngr on your mobile phone. It'll log every drive, cycling or transit ride you take and send you periodic reports via email so that you can reimburse those travel expenses insanely easily.

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