Psngr - v3.0 for Android is live!

Psngr - v3.0 for Android is live!

That's right Psngr v3.0 for Android is now available for download from the Google Play store - just in time for the festive break!

The team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes on improving tracking and bug fixing. Select the link below to download or upgrade your current version.

What's in v3.0

Trip Tracking

The core tracking functionality in Psngr app has been reimplemented from the ground up in v3.0, to ensure that trips are always tracked in the background when AutoPilot is enabled. We've also added a new alert to notify you when the app is tracking in the background. This is a requirement of Android 8.0.

Classifying trips

This new release allows swiping through of trips from the details page. This allows easier classification from the details view without going back and fourth between the trip details and the trip list.

Update trip's vehicle

If you're using multiple vehicles, it's now easier to modify the vehicle from the trip details page. We've added a new row below the (green) summary row that displays the vehicle used in the trip. Tap on this row to update the vehicle of your trip.

About Psngr

Psngr is a mileage expense tracking, reporting and reimbursement platform for the enterprise.