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Remote, or not remote, that is the question

Remote working or "working from home" has been around for decades. One of the largest technology companies in the world (IBM) were a major part of the pro-movement which saw employees working from home, cafe's or anywhere with an internet connection - just not at the office!

It's estimated that IBM saved $100 million dollars on office space costs by allowing it's global workforce to work remotely.

Recently IBM announced that it would be ending its remote working scheme, forcing employees to return to the office, in a move that has outraged much of its workforce.

Naturally, heads have dropped, staff are less committed to projects, and productivity has gone out the window - why would IBM make such a u-turn? Some of the people interviewed at IBM believe that the move is part of a reshuffle to bring employees closer together, re-align strategy and to become more creative. Others believe the strategy is to reduce headcount.

What are your thoughts on working from home vs working in the office? What are the pro's and con's from working alone? do we lose touch with the team? does it help with work-life balance?

Drop us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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