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Updated Pricing Psngr Beacon, 1 June 2020

We have updated the prices of Psngr Beacon and premium shipping. The new prices are effective starting 1 June 2020.

Prices of Psngr Beacon differ per country / region. In order to view the updated prices in your region, visit the Psngr Beacon Order Page on your dashboard.

The changes in pricing are due to changes in raw material and production costs, as well as increase in international shipping costs.

For more info about the advantages of using Psngr Beacon with your Psngr app, read this FAQ.

Rotem Rubnov

Rotem Rubnov

Software developer, entrepreneur, managing director at 100grams (https://100grams.io), founder of PSNGR (https://psngr.co), father, athletics enthusiast.

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