Psngr - feature update!

Psngr - feature update!
Photo by AltumCode / Unsplash

Behind the scenes, the Psngr team have been working hard to make improvements to the platform.  Check out some of the new features below.

Expensed vs Unexpensed: From the Home screen users can classify trips into two categories (Personal and Business).  This makes it much easier to manage trip expenses from within one screen.

Swipe enabled for Trip Details: A swipe feature has now been enabled for the Trip Details page for easier classification.  You can easily swipe through trips without navigating back to the home page, this saves time when validating trips.

New mileage rates: We have updated the mileage rates for New Zealand.  The new rate for petrol vehicles is 73c per km.
Added to these are the rates for the use of electric vehicles (81c per km) and Hybrid (73c p km).

Tracking: As always tracking is an area that we focus heavily on.  We have a growing community of Beta testers that are helping us gather data for the team to analyse.  Tracking is constantly being refined in each release and we thank the Beta community for their feedback.

If you wish to become an Android Beta tester select the link below.


If you haven't used the app before, you can download it at Psngr.