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Classify trips with Passenger 2.2

One of the prominent new features in Passenger v2.2 is trip classification. It's easy: just add a note with tags to your trip.

Here's how:

Last week I logged a return trip from the office to a client in the city. I opened the trip details and added the following note:

#business meeting with Mark at #GrowthCapital.

The note indicates the purpose of my trip, as well as assigns two tags to it: "business" and "GrowthCapital". Trip notes work in a very similar way to tweets on Twitter. The tags provide a simple yet powerful way to search, filter and group your content, in our case - trips. I can then generate a report, for instance, of all my "business" trips or, alternatively, all my trips to "GrowthCapital".

A tag is a word preceded by a hashtag (#). It must be at least 2 characters in length. The full note, including the tags is available when generating a report on psngr.co.

To make it easier to classify trips in bulk, we've included a switch in Passenger app that applies a note to multiple trips with the same route. You can find this switch at the bottom of the "Classify Trip" screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Rotem Rubnov

Rotem Rubnov

Software developer, entrepreneur, managing director at 100grams (https://100grams.io), founder of PSNGR (https://psngr.co), father, athletics enthusiast.

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