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Your Monthly Mileage Report

In Psngr 3.1 we've introduced Mileage Reports. Mileage reports are generated automatically based on criteria you define in advance and include a list of all your trips in a given period.

Here's how easy it is to set up your personalized mileage reporting in Psngr:

  • Open Psngr app > Settings > Reports and switch on Periodic Reports.
  • Select how often you want a report to be generated: weekly, monthly or annually. Additionally, select the specific day of week or day of month in which you want the report to be generated.
  • Optionally add filters if you wish to include only specific trips in your reports, for instance, you may want to include only the trips tagged as #business.

That's it! Psngr will now generate a report based on the criteria you defined and send you an email with a summary, download links and access to the full report on your web dashboard.

Rotem Rubnov

Rotem Rubnov

Software developer, entrepreneur, managing director at 100grams (https://100grams.io), founder of PSNGR (https://psngr.co), father, athletics enthusiast.

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