How To Deduct Miscellaneous Employee Business Expenses

How To Deduct Miscellaneous Employee Business Expenses
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You may be able to deduct the following miscellaneous expenses, if they were incurred in the normal course of carrying out your responsibilities as an employee:

  • Business bad debt of an employee.
  • Business liability insurance premiums.
  • Damages paid to a former employer for breach of an employment contract.
  • Depreciation on a computer your employer requires you to use in your work.
  • Dues to a chamber of commerce if membership helps you do your job.
  • Dues to professional societies.
  • Job search expenses in your present occupation.
  • Laboratory breakage fees.
  • Legal fees related to your job.
  • Licenses and regulatory fees.
  • Malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Medical examinations required by an employer.
  • Occupational taxes.
  • Passport for a business trip.
  • Repayment of an income aid payment received under an employer's plan.
  • Research expenses of a college professor.
  • Rural mail carriers' vehicle expenses.
  • Subscriptions to professional journals and trade magazines related to your work.
  • Tools and supplies used in your work.
  • Union dues and expenses.
  • Work clothes and uniforms, if required, as long as they are not suitable for everyday use.

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