Fleet Management with Psngr

Fleet Management with Psngr
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Managing a pool of shared company vehicles does not have to require expensive GPS hardware or complex software integration. Psngr offers a simple, turn-key solution for companies with dozens of vehicles and drivers.

Psngr app runs on the driver's mobile phone and uses the GPS and motion sensors on the phone itself in order to accurately record each trip. The fleet manager can view and manage trips, vehicles, and drivers directly from the web dashboard.

For each trip logged, Psngr identifies each driver and vehicle used. The app is assisted by Psngr Beacon, a USB iBeacon dongle that is plugged in the vehicle's dashboard.

Psngr Beacon

How to manage your fleet with Psngr

  • First, create a Psngr account.
  • Then, add your company vehicles to your account. You can add each vehicle by selecting "Vehicles" from the top menu of the web dashboard, or, in the mobile app, by selecting the "Vehicles" tap and tapping the "+" on the top right.
  • Order one Psngr Beacon per vehicle. The beacon acts as the digital ID of the vehicle. Once you receive the beacons, plug each beacon into the vehicle dashboard and start the engine to power the beacon. The app will detect the new beacon and take you through a quick setup, in which you select the vehicle to associate with the new beacon.
  • The next step is to invite employees to your team, as drivers. Psngr Enterprise Business plan supports teams of 5 or more drivers and an unlimited number of vehicles.
  • Each driver that receives an invitation from you installs Psngr app via the AppStore or PlayStore, and can immediately start logging unlimited mileage.
  • Drivers can now view all shared company vehicles in their app. Each trip is logged automatically by the app and identifies the driver and the vehicle used.

What happens when two employees ride together in the same vehicle?

If two employees ride together in a vehicle, Psngr app assigns one of them a "driver" role and the other the "passenger" role. The trip logged by the passenger is linked to the trip logged by the driver. The mileage is counted only once for the vehicle itself, and the digital odometer is updated accordingly. When claiming business mileage expenses for such as trip, only the driver will be able to expense the mileage when classifying the trip as #business.

Tracking real-time vehicle location

When a vehicle is in use, Psngr will show an active trip on the admin dashboard along with the driver's info, a map of the route, and the real-time location of the vehicle.


Psngr generates reports using report rules. By default, a mileage report is generated for each driver once a month. You can easily create ad-hoc reports for the entire team, per driver or per vehicle. Report types include:

  • Mileage expense reimbursement
  • Business vs. private use of vehicle
  • Vehicle utilization
  • Vehicle expneses

Try it out for free

Sign up today for a new account and install the mobile app. Psngr offers a free tier for an unlimited-time trial. You can also request a full demo of Psngr Enterprise from our sales team.