6 automotive acronyms you should get to know!

6 automotive acronyms you should get to know!
Photo by Lenny Kuhne / Unsplash

Much of the news these days either involves carbon emissions, electric vehicles, Trump, fossil fuels or, all of the above.

With all the buzz around electric vehicles and the recent launch of Tesla's new semi-truck, we figured there are a few acronyms you should probably get to know.

(Low-Speed Vehicle)
Another name for this is a NEV (see below), just to confuse you!

(Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)
Electric passenger vehicles that have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour and can be driven only in designated areas.

(Non-Internal Combustion Engine)
Not a gas/diesel/biofuel-powered engine. All electric vehicles are NICE! (As well as being polite and very well brought up!)
Nice is good.

(Personal Electric Vehicle)
A car for one passenger only, like the NmG(which allows you to use car-pool lanes).

(Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
These use both electricity and gas. They have a proper battery pack, just like a pure electric vehicle and you could travel the same distance using just electrical power as you could with a totally electric car. You plug 'em in to recharge the battery as the name suggests. Then, if you need to make long journeys you can switch to gasoline mode.

(Zero-emissions vehicle) you guessed it....an electric car!

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