Are you accurately logging expense mileage?

Are you accurately logging expense mileage?
Photo by Cris Ovalle / Unsplash

In a previous job, I regularly worked at other offices.  My role required me to travel most weeks and as a result, I was temporarily relocated to an office 65 miles from home.

I was able to claim 45p per mile and 5p extra for any colleagues that also required a lift.  The extra cash in my monthly pay was very much welcomed but one thing was not - the manual logging of each trip!

I would spend hours at the end of each month trying to remember where I had travelled? Who I had travelled with? Did I go via home this day? Was this even a business trip?

The process evolved slightly when we were able to log mileage on an HR provided spreadsheet but, this also took a long time to complete and I still had to ask myself all of the above questions.

What if all of my mileage could be logged accurately and automatically?

There are solutions in the market that allow you to automate this process using your smartphone.  This not only saves time for the employee but helps reduce costs for the employer - significant costs!

Head over to and download the app for free and start logging your trips.  See how the app can help you and your organisation accurately track mileage and reduce travel expense claims.