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5 ways to manage your business mileage!

  1. Pen and Paper: Outdated, time consuming and inaccurate however, much of the UK still logs business mileage for tax reimbursement manually. Remember, all UK mileage logs need to be kept for 5 years - that's a lot of trees!

  2. Spreadsheet: A step up from pen and paper and it's presented clearer although, still prone to inaccurate data recording. Have you ever rounded your mileage up in to save time?

  3. Online calculator: Many of these tools exist. The problem is it's still not a reflection of the true cost. To and from destination logging misses key data such as car type and emissions. A calculator tool would need to be used in conjunction with a tool, such as point 1 and 2.

  4. Company expense platform: Many organisations now use expense tools for logging business expenses. This is a great way to capture data and manage reimbursement but, comes at a far greater financial cost to the organisation. Many expense tools still lack an accurate tracking feature therefore, manual input is still required.

  5. Mobile app: By far the most accurate of the bunch. Most applications on the market are fully automated, reduce administration time and come at a fraction of the cost when compared to corporate expense tools.

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