10 strange driving laws!

10 strange driving laws!
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

he world is a funny place and across the globe we abide by very different laws. Driving a vehicle is not exempt from this, check out some of the weird and wonderful laws that different nations abide by.

  1. Driving in Thailand without a shirt on is prohibited. Its seen as a sign of disrespect and is punishable by a small fine.
  2. If you drive a vehicle in Spain and require glasses you must keep a spare pair in the vehicle at all times. Failure to do so will result in fines and a slap on the wrist.
  3. When driving in Germany it's illegal to stop on the Autobahn. The autobahn is a high speed motorway with no speed limit, vehicles frequently reach speeds of 200km. Stopping on the autobahn will land you with a hefty fine and strong words by the police, even if you run out of petrol.
  4. Don't speed through the puddles! In Japan it is a criminal offense to drive through a puddle and splash pedestrians. Big fines and even written warnings can be handed out to drivers that fail to stick to the law.
  5. In South Africa you must give way to animals that are crossing the road. Kind of makes sense when they have the big 5 (Lion, Hippo, Giraffe, Rhino and elephant) . Driving into an elephant won't be much fun for both involved.
  6. Kids or no kids, In Denmark you must check under your vehicle before you set off to make sure there are no children hiding underneath. Quite why they are hiding under your car is another question.
  7. In Moscow, Russia it is law to keep your vehicle clean at all times. The Russin capitol wants to promote a clean image to tourists. Driving in with a dirty auto will result in fines by govenment officals.
  8. Don't plan on washing your car on a Sunday in Switzerland - its illegal! The reason this law was passed is to reduce environmental noise at the weekend. On Sunday you can't wash your car, mow the lawn or make excessive noise.
  9. In Manila, Philippines, you cannot drive on Mondays between specific times (7am-7pm) if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2. The reason this law is applied is due to the sheer mass of vehicles on the road, the government introduced this to help reduce traffic.
  10. Last and probably the strangest. In Alaska you are not permitted to drive your vehicle whilst your dog is tied to the roof! Let that sink in for a minute... Yes, this is actually a law and punishable by a fine!